The Topline

Do you really know how much payments are costing your business? The direct costs are obvious. But it’s the indirect, hidden costs that make the difference. Getting real about the true costs of payments is the first step in bringing them down.

Cold Hard Facts

Does credit still cut it? Can the risk of fraud be reduced? What should international payments cost? Find out the real facts about the true cost of payments and how to eliminate extra costs in your business.

Real Proof

See how streamlining payment processes has paid off for our customers. These real-world examples provide insights and ideas into how you can tackle your critical cost of payment issues.


Our experts delve deeper into hidden payment costs, their impact on our industry and how you can lower them in your business.

Four reasons why credit is given too much credit

There are new economic and competitive pressures, business models and technologies that are prompting travel companies to change their business practices to better match the new landscape... It’s time to weigh it all up and get real about credit. Read More...

May 5, 2016

Top Strategies for Optimising Your Payments

When asked to identify potential areas for efficiencies, payments might not be top of mind. But taking a deeper look into the cost of payments can unveil a huge opportunity for savings. Read More...

June 6, 2016


Quantify the real cost of payments to your organisation. This easy-to-use costs calculator shows you how much making your payments systems more efficient can improve your bottom line.


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